How to Obtain All Bottles in Zelda Majora's Mask


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was first released on Nintendo 64. It was so large that it required an expansion pack to play. With all of this new area to cover, it is no wonder that there are excessive amounts of quests to complete within the game. The main objective of the game of course is to defeat Majora's Mask. Obtaining all of the bottles in the game can ensure that you have as much life as you need while fighting all of the bosses. Finding the bottles, however, is a large part of the battle.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo 64 OR
  • Gamecube
  • Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for N64 OR
  • Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition for Gamecube

Obtain all Bottles in Zelda: Majora's Mask

  • Turn on your video game console and select which file you want to play Zelda with.

  • Complete the first three days and defeat the Skull Kid at the top of the clock tower on day 3. Warp back to the first day using the Song of Time. Travel to the Southern Swamp near Woodfall (the guards at the gates will tell you which direction you are heading. Enter the Woods of Mystery and follow the monkey in the first room. You will find Kotake the witch, who will tell you she needs potion to feel better. Leave the Woods of Mystery and go to the potion shop in Southern Swamp. Koume the witch will give you a potion, and if you take it to Kotake, you will be allowed to keep the bottle.

  • Go to Romani Ranch around 1 A.M. on the first day and talk to Romani the ranch girl. Follow her into the barn. When you exit the barn, you will be confronted with UFOs flying towards the ground. Shoot all of the UFOs and continue shooting until the dawn of the second day. If you accomplish this task, Romani will give you Chateau Romani in a bottle.

  • Enter the Snowhead Temple and defeat Goht. This will unfreeze the Goron Village and make the Mountain Village normal again. This will open up a new path in Goron Village that leads to a Biggoron who sells powder kegs. Enter this area as Goron Link by putting on your Goron mask. The Biggoron will give you a powder keg that you must in turn take to Mountain Village. Take the keg up the hills in Mountain Village and place it in front of the large boulder near the small Goron. This boulder is blocking the Goron Races. This is a time sensitive task, so move as quickly as possible. When necessary to get the keg on a ledge, throw the keg and then climb up the ledge. Go into the Goron Races and compete. Win the race and you'll obtain Gold Dust, which will come in a new bottle.

  • Defeat the boss of the Great Bay Temple. Once you've done this, go onto the shore that has the Skulltula House and Fisherman's Hut. Head to the right of these houses and into the hole hole in the cave. On the other side you'll be on another beach. Travel past the Zoras in the area until you reach a piece of wood in the sand that you can climb onto. Climb on the wood and hookshot onto the platform above you by hooking onto the palm tree. Continue traveling upwards on the platforms by hookshotting your way up with the palm trees. You will eventually reach a hole in a wall near the waterfall. Go into this hole (which will take you to Waterfall Rapids), transform into Zora Link, and dive into the water. There will be a beaver you should talk to at the floor of the water. You will be challenged to a race for an empty bottle. Defeat the beaver by swimming through 20 rings in 2 minutes. The spinning rings are the ones you must swim through, and try to stay close to the beaver. Once you defeat him, another beaver will challenge you, and you'll have to complete the same task, except with 25 rings. When you defeat the second beaver, you'll be given the empty bottle.

  • Complete the sequence of events to reunite Kafei and Anju. One part of this sequence will involve delivering a letter to Kafei's Mama who is located in the Milk Bar. Where Kafei's Mask while delivering the letter. Mama will give you a bottle containing Chateau Romani at this point. If you have difficulty remembering the sequence of events to reunite Anju and Kafei, click "Kafei" below.

  • Enter the Ikana Graveyard on the final day after 6 P.M. wearing the Captain's Hat. Talk to the Stalchildren dancing around a grave and tell them to open it. Go inside the grave to find Dampe, who is searching for buried treasure. You will need talk talk to Dampe and then lead him to the dirt patches located in the area. There are five patches on the ground, and one on top of a pillar near a ladder. To get Dampe to the patch on the pillar, just lead him onto the brown platform that moves. Now climb the ladder on the other side of the area and meet Dampe at the top of the pillar. When Dampe digs up all 6 patches, a Big Poe ghost will appear and you'll have to fight it. Defeat it by blocking its spin attack. When it stops spinning, shoot it with an arrow. The Big Poe will disappear and most likely materialize behind you. Continue blocking and shooting the poe with your arrows until he is defeated. A chest will appear and inside is the final empty bottle.

Tips & Warnings

  • When completing the sequence of reuniting Anju and Kafei, you should play the Inverted Song of Time so that you have more time to complete the tasks.
  • Remember that as Link, you travel faster when you roll around as opposed to just running.
  • All bottles are not needed to defeat the game, but they do help in boss fights as you can keep fairies and fight to the death.
  • Don't get frustrated over how long it takes to get all of the bottles. Majora's Mask is a huge game (that needed an expansion pack on the N64) and takes time to defeat.

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