How to persuade people


Would you like to become an expert in persuasion. Do you want to become better at convincing people. Do you want people to listen to your more. Here are a few tips

  • The reason a person can't do something is actually the reason they can do something. Example a person may say they are to busy to exercise. Actually when you exercise you get more energy which will allow you to get things done allot faster, which in turn gives you more time. Example 2 Suppose a prospect tells you they would love to join your business but they don't have the money to get in. Well that's reason why you need to join the business so you can have money. If you cant afford a small fee of $200 dollars to join a company don't you think you should be trying to make more money.

  • Use hidden commands that almost hypnotize your friend. Example A wife might say this to their spouse. honey I know your busy at work but wouldn't it be nice if you (hidden command, took me on a vacation) Ex# 2 Honey you worked so hard I wouldn't ask you to (hidden command, take out the trash.

  • Power of suggestion. Arrange your conversation so that it appears that the other person suggested the idea, and then tell them how great an idea it was. Usually we don't disagree with ourselves especially if we were the one that made the suggestion Ex. You might say honey my car wont start this morning I don't know how I'm getting to work. I noticed your friend is off this morning what should I do? After those suggestions the husband would say well I could ask my friend if he could drop you off at work. You would respond wow honey that's a great idea.

  • When you are trying to convince someone of something listen closely for what they really want. If someone in a store is looking at buying energy pills. You may can find out through conversation that they just don't have the energy to play with their kids. With that information you wouldn't sell them energy pills, you would sell them more energy to play with their kids. When persuading anyone find out what they want and show them how to get what they want

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