How to Dress as Cheers Characters for Halloween


"Cheers" is one of the most beloved television classics. People of all current generations love the show. Dressing like the characters for Halloween will make many people smile in recognition. You need a fun-loving group of friends, or even a humor-filled family! You should have at least four people to dress as Cheers characters for Halloween. Musts for characters: Sam, Diane, Carla, and Norm. You can include many other characters, though. For a large group, have the following characters: Sam, Diane, Rebecca, Carla, Cliff, Cliff's Mom, Norm, Vera, Coach, Woody, Kelly, Frasier, Lilith, Robin Colcord, Freddy (if kids are a part of your group), and Carla's kids (again, if kids are included in your group). You can expand on this for a really large group with characters that only lasted a season or so, such as Evan Drake or Eddie.

  • Establish your Sam and Diane. This should be a real-life couple. For added inventiveness, it can be opposites. It could even be two men or two women. Just make sure to have the blond wig and preppy dress clothes for Diane. Sam should have a button-down shirt, and that puffy hair! He should carry a little black book, and a bar tending device for ease of recognition. Diane's props should include a book!

  • Add a Rebecca! Rebecca is a mess, but she is a fun mess. One of the most funny characters in sitcom history without a doubt, Kirstie Alley brought a zest and charm to Rebecca that is unbeatable. A comedian or funny woman should take on this costume. If you are doing it as a family, have your oldest daughter play this part. Rebecca should wear a business suit that is somehow off. Her hair should be professionally done, yet coming out of the 'do. Rebecca's vulnerability is what made her so lovable!If there is a large group, have a Robin Colcord and Evan Drake around for some fun! Make sure those characters stick by Rebecca for easy recognition.

  • Gather around a Cliff and Norm. No bar is complete without the bar flies!Norm should carry a beer. A beer belly should be added to Norm if it is not natural on your Norm! A suit should be worn, but feel free to lose the jacket. Norm should be relaxing and happy. Sleeves rolled up and tab extended is the way to go! You can include a menacing Vera into the party if time permits. For added inside humor, she could wear a white cover on her face since we never saw her on the television show. She could be normal as well. Use your imagination for what works with your group.Cliff must have a postal service uniform. Even if it isn't official, taping on a post office badge to a blue shirt will do. He is a character who takes pride in his work. Have him carry a mail bag around as he stops in with his Cheers buddies! Having his mom alongside is extra effective for the character.

  • Creating a Frasier and Lilith costume can prove to be the most fun. This is also fun for a real-life couple to embrace. Frasier should be professional in dress. He should have balding hair, or wear a balding cap. Don't mock the character, but try to be authentic.Lilith should have her hair completely pulled back from her place. Get temporary black die for hair if it isn't naturally dark. Wear white white make-up on the face, and skip the blush. Wear a pin-point gray or black shirt and skirt.

  • Woody, Coach and Kelly are not the brains of the bar. They can be the most fun to dress up as, however! The one dressing as Kelly should wear a long, blond wig, and a pure dress is best! Be prepared for quick, dumbed down quips if you are going to dress as Kelly!Woody should wear casual clothes, and perfect a southern accent to get this character done well.Older revelers should dress as Coach. A whistle and piece of baseball memorabilia such as a baseball cap is essential to Coach. Make sure he supports the Boston Red Sox!

Tips & Warnings

  • Take your time, and watch several episodes that feature your character. Develop your costume along with the attitude of the character for best effect.
  • Don't get worried about coordination. The group of characters can be as improvised or detailed as you wish. It's your Halloween!

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