How to Perform a Leg Whip in Football


The "leg whip" is a football maneuver that was banned from the game at all levels during the 1940s. The move was not banned because it posed a danger to players in the form of injury, but due to the fact that it was simply too effective when used properly on the line of scrimmage. Despite the fact that it isn't technically legal, just like "holding," you'll see it frequently if you watch the game closely enough. How does one perform a leg whip? Read on and find out.

  • Begin the play as you would any standard play at the line of scrimmage, getting into a 3-point stance.

  • Figure out who you're going to block in your team's blocking scheme.

  • When the football is hiked, dive past the player you're blocking, as if you attempted to "chop block" that player but missed him to the side.

  • As you pass the opposing player, roll onto your side and whip your legs behind you, effectively whipping the opposing player's feet from underneath him.

  • Try to regain your feet as quickly as possible. Many times a defensive lineman who has been leg whipped will have lost track of the football and will be disoriented. This often leaves him extremely vulnerable to a "pancake block" as he tries to get up off of the field.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to make your leg whips look accidental and space them out throughout the duration of the football game.
  • If you're warned by an official to stop leg whipping, legitimately stop. Leg whipping is a 15-yard personal foul, and your coach definitely won't be happy if you're called for it.
  • Never leg whip anyone from behind or higher up on their body than the knees. Doing so is illegal, dirty and may cause the opposing player to sustain severe injuries.

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