How to have a Millionaire mindset

have a Millionaire mindset
have a Millionaire mindset

The saying goes "You are what you eat" then the same is true with what you Think and who you hang around with. Having a Millionaire mentality will have to deal with your own thought patterns, thinking, money habits and who your friends are.

Things You'll Need

  • New like thinking friends
  • discipline in creating new healthy money habits
  • persistence
  • Never Give up attitude
  • Positive mental attitude

You are who you hang around with - If you friends are all on welfare then your ability to have a millionaire mindset will be limited to a welfare mentality. Sadly, we will need to cut ourselves off from individuals who are negative thinkers and Emotional Vampires (see my other article) We will need to find and create new friends who have already succeeded and have the millionaire mentality.

Create a budget and attend positive motivational seminars. This is also a great way to find like minded individuals. Also, no matter how boring it may get continue to listen to Success Audio tapes and CD's or on your MP3 player. STOP listening to negative news media. Catch yourself in what you say do and think! Are they actions of a Millionaire mindset? If not then STOP and replace with a more positive thought and action.

Fake it until you make it! The only way to achieve that millionaire mentality is to tell yourself daily morning noon and night that you Are Successful, you have achieved success and will achieve success. The sub-conscious does not know the difference. Soon your thoughts will open up to new possibilities. Be creative.

Every one has to start somewhere and it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with race, age, location, parents, schooling, religion, winning the lottery, being born with a golden spoon in mouth etc. I, for example, am a Highly Motivated Greatest Motivational Speaker in the World and am available for speaking engagements. I attract only positive thinking people who are happy to pay me $10,000 for a speaking engagement. Next week I'll be charging $35,000 to $100,000 for my speaking engagements. Period! Done! If others are able to do it then so can I. Thank you Oh Great Universe!

Have fun with the process and refuse to let others (even successful individuals) to tell you what to think! Use your own God given intuition and be great. At the same time we need to be open minded and admit to our own mistakes and learn from them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Stay away from negative thinking people

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