How to Use Pressure Points for Self Defense


Pressure points are areas on the body that cause a great deal of pain when pressed or struck. They are useful in self defense because they can quickly render an attacker helpless without attracting a lot of attention from bystanders. Although they aren't easy to use when the attacker means to harm or kill the defender, they are very effective for discouraging unwanted sexual advances.

  • Persuade an attacker to release his grip on your arm by grabbing his wrist. Place your fingers in the groove where the blood vessels pass by the underside of the wrist and your thumb on top of his wrist as if to cover the time on his watch. Squeeze hard to compress the blood vessels and nerves in the wrist, which causes pain.

  • Force your attacker to remove his arm from around your arm by pressing his ulnar nerve. This is located just below his elbow along the bone. Take your attacker's arm and use your thumb to press his nerve against the bone.

  • Remove an attacker's hand from your shoulder or waist by placing your hand over his, then forcing one of his fingers to bend as if trying to leave his own fingerprint in his palm. Keep the pressure on his finger while you remove his hand, then keep pressing as you force him away from you.

  • Keep your attacker from forcing a kiss on you by placing your hand on his face and pressing your fingers into the space between the back of his ear and the joint of his jaw. He will be forced to move his head away from your hand.

  • Get your attacker's hand off your knee or backside by placing your hand on his, then wrapping your fingers around one of his fingers. Pull up on his finger as if trying to snap it off; he will jerk his hand away in order to avoid a broken finger.

Tips & Warnings

  • While performing these pressure point techniques, be subtle. Smile and act as if nothing is wrong while you deliver the message to your attacker that his advances are unwelcome and will be met with painful resistance. Odds are that those around you will never know that anything is wrong.
  • Often an attacker will count on your unwillingness to attract attention to yourself to continue to force his company on you. If it's not your nature to raise your voice and attract attention, you will need to take steps to overcome your reluctance.

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