How to Do The Jumping Lunge Exercise


The jumping lunge is a plyometric version of your standard lunge - as such, it may be more intense exercise (especially for your calf muscles) than what you might be used to. It is a quick, intensive means of both burning fat and toning your legs, but which requires clean, safe technique to perform effectively.

  • Stand straight up, with your feet shoulder-width apart, but with one stationed about a foot and a half in front of the other. Your back leg should stand directly under your body, and your forward knee should sit at a ninety degree angle. Hold your arms straight out in front of you.

  • Jump up off the ground slightly, and quickly switch the position of your feet in mid-air. Keep your torso straight, now and throughout the exercise.

  • Land in the mirror-image of your original position - your forward leg bent at ninety degrees at the knee and hip, and your back leg directly underneath your body. Bend your knees to absorb the impact - but keep your feet and knees facing straight forward.

  • Jump back off the ground, switching your feet to your original position.

  • Repeat as necessary for your level of fitness.

Tips & Warnings

  • Plyometric exercises are more prone to injury than standard exercises, and should only be performed with perfect technique. If you've any doubt about your technique when performing standard lunges, it would be best to leave jumping lunges for another day.

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