How to Tell if Your eyes are going bad


Do you think your eyes might be going bad? There are several ways to tell if you might need to get glasses.

Things You'll Need

  • Something to read
  • Mirror or someone to watch your face
  • Do you squint when you read or watch television? When your eyes start to go bad, you squint to focus on whatever you are looking at. You may not even notice that you are squinting until someone points it out. Ask your friends and family if you ever squint when looking at something.

  • Do you get frequent headaches after reading, working on the computer or watching television? Doing things with blurry vision can give you a headache. If you get headaches, take note of what you were doing just before the headache started.

  • Do your eyes feel tired? Eyes that are struggling to do their work can feel tired even when the rest of you feels fine.

  • Are you holding books closer to your face than usual? Do you find yourself moving closer to the TV? These are signs that your eyesight is worsening.

  • Go to the optometrist. An eye doctor is the only one who can tell for sure just how bad your eyes are and how to fix the problem. An eye exam is painless and quick, and you will know for sure if your eyes are going bad.

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