How to Wear Latex Like Kate Beckinsale


The runaway success of "Underworld" and it's successor "Underworld: Evolution" is in no small part due to Kate Beckinsale and her now iconic latex look. The latex lack corset made the actress into one of Hollywood's sexiest numbers and you can adopt the trend with your very own version.

  • Get a strict workout routine and train every day. Kate's trainer joked that he had her "doing lunges till she dropped" so that she could squeeze into her latex number. You won't get the look till you get the body, so break a sweat until your body is firmed and toned all over.

  • Have a suit that covers your entire body from the ankles to the neck. Many celebrities try the latex look but Kate's version was so sexy because although it showed off all her assets, it didn't have lots of visible skin which can make the latex look very tacky.

  • Apply a light coat of baby powder over your body before you put the suit on. Powder will stop you sweating as much and make it easier to pull the suit on and off. The actress joked that the latex was "like a condom with sleeves," so make it stick to your skin less by trying to avoid that sweat.

  • Wear your latex in low temperatures in a cold climate. When she was filming "Underworld," Kate claims that only the freezing temperatures in Budapest made the outfit bearable. Leave the latex in the closet in hot temperatures or you'll be seriously uncomfortable.

  • Get some matching boots and tousle your hair to compliment the latex look by keeping all your accessories sleek and trim. Kate's character "Selena" had to do a lot of jumping and swift fighting moves, so keep your attire as practical as possible so as not to inhibit your movements.

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