How to Shape Eyebrows Properly


Your eyebrows frame your face and define your look. Some people make the mistake of never grooming and shaping. Others do too much. In the end, your natural shape is your best option and only slight grooming is necessary. However, if you feel you need a little extra help, here are 3 steps to shaping your eyebrows properly.

Things You'll Need

  • enough eyebrows to shape
  • eyebrow brush
  • eyebrow scissors
  • white eyeliner pencil
  • regular pencil
  • tweezers
  • Trim Eyebrows (if needed) - Using the eyebrow brush, brush your eyebrows upwards and trim any hairs that may be uneven. Then brush downwards and do the same.

  • Mark Main 3 Points - Point A: Use your regular pencil and place it vertically next to your nose. This should also line up approximately with the inner corner of your eye. Take your white eyeliner pencil and place a mark right above your eyebrow where the regular pencil intersects your eyebrow. Point B: Various guidelines say two ways of finding point B. Both will give you the approximate point of your arch. First method is to line up your regular pencil vertically to the outside edge of your iris (the colored part) and mark where the pencil intersects your eyebrow with the white eyeliner pencil. Second method is to place the regular pencil next to your nose and turn it to an angle so that the edge of the pencil lies against the edge of your pupil. Then you mark the point with your white eyeliner pencil where the regular pencil intersects your eyebrow. Either one works well and you can even use both methods and make a point right between the two marks. This should be the best place for your arch. Point C: Place the regular pencil against your nose and turn it to an angle so that the edge of the pencil lines up with the outer corner of your eye. Mark the point with the white eyeliner pencil where the regular pencil intersects the eyebrow. Do the same to your other eyebrow.

  • Connect the Dots and Pluck - Pluck the hairs that are between Point A on both eyebrows (nobody likes a unibrow). Pluck any hairs that go beyond Point C. Contrary to popular belief, you are allowed to pluck above your eyebrows as some of us have too much eyebrow. Visually connect the dots and pluck any hairs that go beyond those lines. Pluck stray hairs below your eyebrows.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only pluck one hair at a time & step back to observe your progress.
  • Follow your natural shape as much as possible.
  • Eyebrow hairs take about 6 weeks to fully grow back. So if you make a mistake, prepare to wait it out.

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