How to Play Suck and Blow


The wiles of youth certainly love to, well, get wild. And one way they do that is by playing a little game called "suck and blow." It's the perfect little game with a naughty name that straddles the innocence of youth with the blatant experience of adulthood. Here's how to play this little party favorite.

Things You'll Need

  • Deck of cards
  • Group of people (at least six)
  • Stand in a circle with your friends. Have everyone stand fairly close and alternate boy-girl-boy-girl.

  • Pick someone to start the game. There's really no advantage to the person starting, so just pick someone to kick it off.

  • Hold the card (any card in the deck will work), to your lips and "suck" in. This causes the card to stick to your lips.

  • Lean over to the person next to you so that you are now mouth-to-mouth. The only thing that's separating your lips is this flimsy little card.

  • Blow the card (gently) to the other person. They simultaneously suck the card so that they receive it and are able to maintain control of the card.

  • Pass the card around the circle until it drops. The moment it drops, the group must determine whose "fault" it was. The person whose fault it was is now out of the game.

  • Close the circle in. As people get eliminated, the circle of the game closes. This can get quite hairy if guys are next to guys and girls are next to girls. It's all very innocent and a lot of fun.

  • Finish the "suck and blow" game when the second-to-last person drops the card, leaving one winner.

Tips & Warnings

  • Give away prizes to each winner.
  • Change the card with each game that you play. It can get kind of nasty as the game progresses.
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