How to Buy Property in Monopoly


You have probably played and enjoyed the game of Monopoly. It gives you a peek into the world of real estate. If you accumulate lots of property, you can become a real estate tycoon, if only for the duration of the game.

Things You'll Need

  • Monopoly game
  • Open the Monopoly board. Put a stack of "Community Chest" cards and a stack of "Chance" cards in the appropriate areas. Lay the dice on the board and select a token to represent you as you work your way around the board.

  • Place the sorted stacks of money in the partitioned box that comes with the game. Select one person to be the banker. The banker is in charge of selling property, making change, handing out amounts mentioned on the "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards and accepting fines and other charges. Place the stack of available real estate cards near the bank.

  • Begin at the "Go" square on the Monopoly board. Roll the dice to determine how many spaces to move your token.

  • Acquire the properties you land on, if they are not already owned. The price to buy the land is on the real estate card. You must pay rent if the land belongs to another player.

  • Buy every available property that you land on. It is to your advantage to purchase something on every side of the board.

  • Purchase property from another player, if it is for sale. Properties go up for sale when players need money to pay a large fee or rent. At this point, the price of the property is negotiable.

  • Negotiate with current property owners who aren't planning to sell their property. Consider paying more than the original value of a property in order to own all the properties of one color.

Tips & Warnings

  • Double your rent when you own all the properties of one color. This helps you build capital to buy houses. The houses have different prices, and the rent increases every time you add a house.
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