How to Talk to Parents About Allowing Dating


You may feel that you're old enough to date, but your parents don't share that view. Before you go on the attack, you should try to think of a good way to talk to your parents about allowing you to date.

  • Consider their point of view. Before you set a time to discuss the matter, try to see things their way. They may have reservations about whether or not you are mature enough to date.

  • Let them know about the norm as far as dating goes. For instance, if most of the kids your age date, tell them about it. They may not realize that kids your age are already dating.

  • Show your maturity level. Discuss the possibility of dating in a mature manner. If you do this, you can let them see that you are both mature and old enough to date.

  • Introduce the person that you want to date. If they meet him and can see that he's a good guy, they may not have such an aversion to the idea.

  • Give it some time if they say no. If you keep pestering them, you may never be allowed to date. Leave the subject alone and broach it again in a few weeks. That gives them time to think it over and maybe change their mind.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't go behind their backs if your parents forbid you to date. They'll find out and keep the no dating rule in place for even longer.
  • Don't feel embarrassed about telling someone that you aren't allowed to date. Let her know that you're going to try to talk to your parents and in the meantime the two of you can participate in group activities.
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