How to Control Friends


Controlling anyone can be a somewhat challenging task, but it is possible. You can control your friends, for example, through various form of manipulation or blackmail. Professional training in mind control may be required for difficult cases. Generally, manipulating or controlling your friends isn't a respected or sought-after habit.

  • Express what you want to do outright with boldness. If your friends hold contrary opinions, don't worry about trying to seem rational and wise. Whine and complain until you get your way. Acting like a child around your friends makes you unpredictable. Usually, people give in when you care more about something than they do. Make a big stink, knowing that you're in control.

  • Find out all your friend's secrets, take pictures and document evidence. Keep all the dirt you have on her a secret until you have reason to use it. When the moment arises that you feel out of control or unable to get what you desire, bring up the fact that you know your friend stalks her boyfriend and show her the pictures you took of her outside his house. You win. You're back in control.

  • Guilt others into doing what you want them to do. Tell them they always get their way and you've been overlooked and they never consider you. Use any excuses you can come up with, like your most recent challenges and how hard your life has been for the last 17 years. Mention their participation in any trials that have come your way without directly blaming them.

  • Investigate and use other manipulation tools as you see the need. Common manipulative behaviors other than those already mentioned are playing dumb, acting depressed or suicidal, lying, playing the martyr and playing your friends against each other.

Tips & Warnings

  • Following any of these directions will likely backfire and leave you with no real friends. Given that you've not been a real friend anyway, it shouldn't be much of a loss for you.
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