How to Close Multiple PC Programs With a Batch File


If you use the same software programs at the same time on a regular bases, you can exit all of them at the same time. For example, if you always have Outlook, Mediaplayer and Access open and would like to be able to close them at the same time, you can end them all by running a single batch file. Here's how to write a batch file in Notepad.

  • Open Notepad. Go to "Start" and click on "Accessories." Select "Notepad" from the menu.

  • Find the file names of the programs you want to close. With the programs running that you want to close, right-click on the task bar and click the "Task Manager" option. Select the "Processes" tab to view a list of file names that are currently running.

  • Use the "taskkill" command in Notepad along with the file names you got from Task Manager. Write a separate command for each file you want to close. Each command line should look like the following example: taskkill /im filename.exe. If one of the programs you are closing is Firefox, the command line would read: taskkill /im firefox.exe.

  • Save your new application as a .BAT file. Select "Save As" and manually type ".BAT" at the end of the file name you gave to the batch file you just created.

  • Run the batch file. Double-click on the new application to run it. All the programs you included in the batch file should shut down properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add as many programs to the batch file as you need.
  • The batch file is smart enough to skip any programs that are not currently running, so include all programs running in your System Tray to do a thorough shutdown.
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