How to Treat Foot Blisters With Home Remedies


Foot blisters can form whenever you have a hard or rough surface rubbing repeatedly against one spot on your foot. This is typically caused by new or ill-fitting shoes. Foot blisters are painful and can make walking extremely difficult. Since they are on your feet, which are near the ground and the many sources of dirt and grime there, foot blisters are also more susceptible to infection than other types of blisters. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat foot blisters with home remedies.

Things You'll Need

  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Foam cushion adhesive foot pads
  • Apply an antibacterial ointment to foot blisters as soon as possible to keep them from getting infected. You should continue to apply the ointment once a day until the blisters subside.

  • Cover the blisters with adhesive bandages whenever you go outside. Bring in the sides of the bandages as close as you can to the blisters, so that the middle of the bandages raise up just a bit over the blisters, to let air in. Air speeds healing where foot blisters are concerned.

  • Treat the blisters by leaving the blisters uncovered when you are at home. Unless the blisters are on the soles of your feet, you should go barefoot as much as possible while waiting for the blisters to heal. This one of the more common home remedies.

  • Elevate the blisters above the level of your waist. The elevation not only works to decrease pain, but it also speeds up the healing of the blisters.

  • Soak your feet in 1 qt. of warm water each night before you go to bed. This will treat the blister by softening it and encouraging it to shrink.

  • Put pads on blisters that are on the soles of your feet. You can buy foam cushion adhesive pads at most shoe stores and drug stores and they are excellent remedies for this kind of blister. The pads can be cut to fit the size of your blisters and should be worn at all times, except when you are in bed at night. That is the time to give the blisters some air.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not pop your blisters unless they are in a location that is causing you unusually intense pain, as popping them can lead to infection. If you do have to pop a blister in a bad location, such as next to a toe nail, swab it thoroughly with alcohol first. Then run a sewing needle through the flame of a portable lighter. Gently stick the needle into the blister, then softly push on the sides of the blister to release the fluid. Swab with alcohol again. Cover with an adhesive bandage and leave the deflated flap of skin over it to protect the site.
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