How to Make Rosette Designs With Icing On a Cake

Decorated cakes gives that extra sparkle at parties and weddings. Learning basic techniques, like making simple rosettes, requires a little bit of practice. The outcome of a beautifully decorated cake is well worth the time you put into learning how to make icing rosettes.


  1. Make a Flower Rosette

    • 1

      Fill a decorator's bag with icing. You must use a thick icing and ensure all air bubbles are removed from the bag.

    • 2

      Place a rose tip on the end of the bag.

    • 3

      Make a zig-zag with your icing by applying a small amount of pressure and then zig-zagging your tip. You must then pull out the tip and release the pressure.

    • 4

      Refine your technique by practicing on a plate or parchment paper.

    Make a Fluffy Rosette

    • 5

      Load the decorator's bag with medium consistency icing and use a star tip. These rosettes are often used for clouds, smoke and even the occasional border.

    • 6

      Angle the tip and bag to 90-degrees. This is straight up and down from the surface.

    • 7

      Place the tip slightly above the surface. Start to apply pressure. A star of icing will form. Move the tip in a small, tight, complete circle. Stop squeezing and lift the tip away.

    • 8

      Perform these rosettes repeatedly. You must practice to make them uniform in size and shape.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use these small rosettes around fuller roses to add variety and contrast. You can also use them alone or along vines.
  • Apply fluffy rosettes on the top of a cake as decoration. You can place a berry or a piece of candy in each one, or you can make them smaller and form a border along the outer edge.
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