How to Write an Auction Donation Request Letter

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A successful donation request letter should be concise, informational and persuasive.

Charity events often generate a lot of interest and support from local community and business people. One of the keys to a successful charity auction is to solicit donations from business people in the community. A request letter outlining the need for donations and the goal of the event will help you get donations of free products and services that can be auctioned at your event. A request letter should appeal to the reader's good will and be concise, informational and persuasive.

Things You'll Need

  • Letterhead
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      Find the name of the business owner or manager. Address the letter directly to the person who would be responsible for approving any donations from the business.

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      State the purpose for sending the letter--to solicit donations for a charitable auction. List the specific details of the event, including the day, time and location.

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      Summarize the intent of the auction, including who will benefit and how the funds will be used. Write a few sentences on your organization's background. Include information on any other successful fundraisers you have organized in previous years. Limit this section to one to two paragraphs.

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      List the benefits businesses may gain if they donate to the auction. Find out if donations to your organization qualify for tax deductions. You can also include information on any marketing opportunities associated with the auction, such as newspaper articles, advertisements or announcements that will list the donations and their contributors. If a business can get free publicity, they may be more inclined to donate to the auction.

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      The final paragraph should list information on the next step in the donation process. Supply the contact information for the donation coordinator. Provide donation delivery information or arrangements available for pick-up. Provide any guidelines in place for donations and the deadline for submission.

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      Thank the reader for their time and consideration. Close the letter with "Sincerely" or "Best Regards." Leave a blank space for your signature below the closing. Include your name, organization and your position title underneath the space for your signature.

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      Print the letter on your organization's official letterhead and sign it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Include any promotional materials such as brochures or handouts with information on your organization.

  • Maintain a warm, sincere tone and use professional language throughout the body of your letter.

  • Proofread your donation letter before sending.

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