How to Set Margins in Excel

A margin refers to the amount of space between the content on your page and the edge of the page you print. Microsoft Excel automatically sets your top and bottom margins at 1 inch left and right at .75 inch and header and footer at .5 inch. You can change these margins by following the steps below to access the "Page Setup" dialog box.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel 2003


    • 1

      Start Microsoft Excel and open an existing spreadsheet on which you would like to set the margins.

    • 2

      Choose the "File" menu and click "Page Setup" to open the "Page Setup" dialog box. The "Page Setup" dialog box can be used to set up your page just how you would like it to appear.

    • 3

      Click on the "Margins" tab at the top of the "Page Setup" dialog box to show the margins for the spreadsheet that you currently have option.

    • 4

      Set the "Left," "Top," "Right," "Bottom," "Header" and "Footer" margins by clicking within the text box underneath each option to highlight the current margin setting.

    • 5

      Type a new measurement for whichever margins you would like to change or use the arrows to move up and down throughout the measurements you can select for each option.

    • 6

      Notice as you update each margin the preview in the center of the screen will change to reflect your new margin settings.

    • 7

      Use your mouse to click the "OK" button to close the "Page Setup" dialog box and set the margins you have chosen for your current Excel spreadsheet.

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