How to Get Old Yahoo! IM Sounds

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Yahoo! recently upgraded its instant messaging program. With that upgrade came a change in the default sounds that Yahoo! Instant Messenger uses. If you want the old sounds back, they can be returned in a snap.

  • Initiate the download of the old sounds installation packet from the

  • Save the downloaded file to the hard drive of the target computer. Click on the "Save" option in the pop-up dialogue menu box that appears after clicking on the download link from the previous step. Determine the place to save the file. Save the file in a place that will be easy to locate in the future.

  • Unzip the old sounds download file. You must have the unzip utility from installed on your computer.

  • Click "OK" when the files are successfully unzipped. The message should read, "Twenty-one files correctly unzipped."

  • Open Yahoo! Instant Messenger and test the newly installed sounds. The old sounds should be installed successfully.

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