How to Make Inexpensive Goodie Bags for Kids

Kids look forward to the traditional goodie bag at the end of a party. These take-away gifts make them feel important, and they're a good way for your child to thank her guests. However, the goodie bag can be expensive and often loses its appeal by the time the guests return home. With a bit of planning and creative energy, you can create an inexpensive, and appreciated, goodie bag.


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      Match your goodie bag treats to the theme of the party. For instance, kids at a pirate party could go home with small wooden treasure chests they decorated at the party; fill the chests with a plastic bag and candy, stickers or a red bandanna.

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      Use craft projects at the party to entertain the kids and to create their take-away gift. Picture frames constructed from glue and Popsicle sticks and adorned with stickers or gems can be treasured when paired with a photo taken at the party. Use your printer at home to print off digital pictures in a flash or take Polaroids.

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      Think outside the bag. Crayons and coloring books that match your theme are useful and appreciated by both your child's guests and their parents. Burned CDs of your child's favorite music or music that fits your theme are great. You can even print cool CD labels and inserts.

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      Consider using other items as well. Older kids might love a Frisbee, matchbox car or lip gloss and pretty soaps. Books are wonderful options, too. You can wrap them and include homemade bookmarks for each child. You can break up a bundle of books from your local school's scholastic sale and distribute them among the guests. This way, not only does each child get a book, but you're also supporting a great cause, their education.

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      Resort to food when all else fails. Candy and cookies are always a pleaser. Let the kids decorate their own cut-out cookies. Bag their creations and tie them up with neat ribbon or raffia. You can do the same with candies. Older kids might enjoy making their own chocolates and taking those home to sample later.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dollar stores and other bargain spots often have trinkets or useful items like stickers, crayons, coloring books and such. By scouring discount stores, you may save yourself quite a bit.
  • Consider shopping first and then deciding on the theme for the party. Knowing that the end result is a goodie bag of Lego blocks, for instance, can give you ideas to structure the party around. A Lego cake, a Lego stacking race and decorations in primary colors may suddenly pop to mind.
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