How to Decorate a Home Library

Decorating a home library is an integral part in making it presentable to visitors and functional for you. Choose a theme around which to decorate your home library and use light, color and arrangement to personalize the feel of it.


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      Choose a theme. Many home libraries revolve around a single theme. Spanish, Victorian and French themes are popular decorative cultural themes in libraries, since they radiate a classic and elegant feel. However, you may choose any theme you desire.

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      Display valuable, rare or collector's items. Home libraries often contain items such as rare books, antique maps, globes, fine art or other collectibles. Find ways and space to display these items and add to the elegance of your home library without detracting attention from your book collection.

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      Use books to decorate your home library. The position of your books can affect the way it is perceived. If you want to impress visitors with your home library, consider positioning your most valuable books away from the others. Glass display cases can add a touch of refinement.

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      Add a rug to your library. Persian and plush rugs can soften your home library's appearance.

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      Bring light into your library. Use natural and artificial light to brighten up the space and call attention to specific objects or collections.

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      Make colors work for your personal library. While classic library color choices are dark, using lighter colors can add a contemporary twist to your home library. Brighter colors can also lighten the mood of the space.

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      Keep your home library's main purpose in mind. Displaying and storing books should be the priority when deciding on home library decor. If you decide to use your home library as a study area or computer area too, set specific spaces aside for these activities.

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      Personalize your home library. Put a personal touch into your library decorating even if you decide to follow a theme. Your home library and its decor, after all, is an extension of you and your intellectual interests.

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      Switch things up a bit every now and then. A home library should be growing constantly and evolving. If you have free-standing shelves, rearrange their order. You may move them from against the wall to in the middle of the room. Play with lighting to accommodate your home library's new additions and arrangement.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your home library seems too bare, buy books from discount shops, online auction sites and yard sales to fill space.
  • Generally, objects like statues and free-standing displays that do not have a specific home library function should be small enough to fit onto one of your shelves so as not to take attention away from your books.
  • Position all decorations and books far away from fireplaces.
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