How to Buy a Pool Sweep


A pool sweep is an automatic pool cleaner for in-ground pools. There are three different types of pool sweeps. Suction cleaners attach inside the surface skimmer or to a dedicated vacuum line. Pressure cleaners run off a separate booster pump and require a second timer. Robotic cleaners are plugged into an electrical outlet and have an integrated pump and filter bag. Each has advantages and disadvantages to consider.

  • Select a suction cleaner if you are looking for the least expensive option. It just cleans whenever the filter is running, so no extra pump is needed and operating costs are low. The drawbacks are the cleaning pattern is random so some spots can be missed and, if your pool only has one skimmer, this action is suspended while the cleaner operates.

  • Look at the debris in your pool. If you have many leaves or pine needles all year round, a suction cleaner is not the best choice. A pressure cleaner vacuums leaves, pine needles, acorns, twigs and rocks without a problem. Debris is collected in a filter bag that you remove and empty when it's full.

  • Compare the size of the intake if you have large leaves and twigs in your pool and select a pool sweep with a large opening.

  • Make sure the sweep is suitable for your type of pool surface, especially if you have a vinyl liner. Some pool sweeps are designed to scrub plaster and can cause damage to a vinyl liner.

  • Get a robotic pool cleaner if you want a cleaner pool. They scrub, vacuum and even filter the water. You place a robotic cleaner in the pool only when it needs cleaning, so you don't have to deal with a cleaner and their attached hoses all the time. Buy one with a remote control if you want to steer it around the pool while relaxing in a chair.

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