How to Download Music Legally

The Internet has revolutionized the way consumers obtain their songs and albums. Along with every revolution however comes some controversy. The controversy in this case is the illegal downloading of music from the Internet. With so many music options out there it is hard to know what is legal and what isn't.


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      Decide if you want to pay for the downloading of music. While most legal sites are now pay services. There are some sites that allow you to download the music for free. However these site are bands that most people have never heard of and are just trying to get their music out to the masses. The established and popular artists are exclusively tied to the pay sites.

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      Beware of sites that pretend to be legal. There are Internet music sites that say they are legal when in reality they may not be. To determine validity just use the rule "if it is too good to be true" it probably isn't legal. If the site lets you download songs for pennies or even fractions of pennies for each song then it most likely is not legal.

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      Use the trusted sites on the Internet. Music download sites such as iTunes, and the formerly illegal Napster. These sites are tried and true.

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      Choose between the two most popular payment schedules. These two are: Subscription or pay per download. Subscription site allows you to pay a monthly fee for unlimited downloads. Pay per download is exactly as it is sounds, a you pay for each song that is downloaded. There is a slight distinction in this category however, as some sites charge per song and others charge based on the amount of music files downloaded based on the size of the files.

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      Select a music site carefully. With the proliferation of music sites, these sites can go out of business. This is a problem because sometimes the sites downloads play based on the authorization from the originating site. Bottom line is if a download site ceases to operate so may the music on your computer.

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      Check with the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) list to make sure the site is legal. The RIAA has a list of music sites that they endorse as legal.

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