How to Resolve Employee Employee Disputes


How to Resolve Employee Employee Disputes. When the time comes to resolve disputes among employees, many managers don't know how to approach the issue. While it's true that the situation can be uncomfortable, it's up to the people in charge to decide when an issue has escalated to the point that it is no longer a dispute between two individuals but has become a company problem.

Resolve Employee Employee Disputes

Allow the employees to resolve the problem by themselves if at all possible, especially if it refers to something personal. Small difficulties among people who spend so many hours together are normal. It's important to understand that employees will not necessarily like each other, and these minor difficulties are fine as long as they don't become big issues.

Intervene if the disputes are affecting employee performance or causing discomfort to other employees. This is especially important in a workplace where many tasks are done in groups and the people involved in the problem are forced to spend time not only with each other but also with other workers.

Get involved early if an employee dispute is affecting the public image of the company or causing problems to the public. Arguments in public should be avoided at all costs and should never involve third parties (such as customers or clients). If people in other departments or offices are getting involved in the problem, take it as a sign that things need to be addressed immediately.

Act as an arbitrator rather than a judge when first approaching the issue. Hear both sides of the dispute separately before you sit the employees face to face to talk about the problem. Focus on finding a solution to benefit both sides rather than trying to decide who is right and who isn't.

Take charge only as a last recourse. If one employee is clearly wrong or if nothing can be solved amicably, it's your obligation as a manager to find a solution. This can be as simple as providing guidelines, or it may require you to step in and make a final decision on the issue.

Tips & Warnings

  • While disputes among employees can happen, there should be a line to determine when a dispute turns into abuse. Harassment, threats and pressure should not be accepted under any circumstances. Even if said in the heat of the moment, it's important to act immediately to avoid legal consequences.

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