How to Do Team Building Exercises

Do Team Building Exercises
Do Team Building Exercises

How to Do Team Building Exercises. Team building exercises permit team members to bond with one another and help the team leader identify strengths in each member. Team building exercises also function as a way to release tension and reduce conflict among people who must work together closely for long hours.

Things You'll Need

  • Toilet paper
  • Balls
  • Blindfolds
  • Twine
  • Tape

Conduct team building exercises offsite. This reduces distractions and allows team members to approach the exercises with a fresh mindset.

Ensure that each team member participates equally. Team building exercises must not highlight one member or engender favorites.

Choose an ice breaker such as passing a roll of toilet paper around the table and encouraging participants to take as many squares as they want. Do not disclose why they need the squares. When each member is holding squares, ask the members to tell the group one thing about themselves for each square taken.

Practice working as a team. Juggle several objects between all team members, adding more balls or objects until the team can't accept more without dropping them. Challenge the team to brainstorm ways they could add two more balls.

Develop trust among team members. Pair up team members and blindfold one member of each pair. The sighted members must lead the blindfolded members around the building for several minutes.

Hone the team's problem-solving skills. Ask the team to create a room-sized web fashioned from a large ball of twine and some tape. Each member must pass through the holes in the web without touching the string.

Discuss the lessons the team learned from each exercise. Point out that a team can accomplish complicated tasks in a short time by utilizing the skills of all team members.

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