How to Modify an Xbox 360


The Xbox 360 rocks. The graphics are incredible, the accessibility improved--this is one cool machine. However, there are some of you out there that just want more and just can't resist tinkering. There is hope for you all. Read on to learn how to modify an Xbox 360.

  • Go online to Xbox Scene. This site has legal tool downloads that help you develop your own home brew games or converters that convert standard PC images for us on your Xbox. Follow the directions given to get the proper results. If you have any questions, the people at Xbox Scene can help.

  • Check out the Modchipstore's selection of pre-modified core and premium consoles with the Globe 360 modchips already installed. This saves soldering. These chips allow you to boot up all CDs or DVDs and more.

  • Go directly to 360Mods and read Chad's textbook on "Hacking the Xbox 360 for Noobs." It tells you everything from the cost, how to download the firmware, flash your drive and everything.

  • Explore the selection of cheap modchips at the Cheap Mod Chips website. As the site states: "Our main goal is to provide a quick and easy way of getting your gaming console modified."

  • Visit the Llama website and learn the whys and hows of modchips and modifying your Xbox 360. The "XBOX 360 Motherboard Headers and Connector" spells out everything step-by-step.

  • Adapt PC power supply to power Xbox 360. Open 360 console, and very carefully solder the wires to the corresponding pins. They are marked one through 10. Make a small opening in the shielding through which the wires can pass. Notch a hole in the bottom of the case, then hook the corresponding wires to the PC. Carefully heat shrink the solder joints and wrap like voltage wires with like voltage wires.

  • Swap out your case to custom case like those at Modchip Store. Remove the face plate (there's a finger hole to help in this process), undo the clips in an alternating fashion at the vent hole using the provided tool, flip the Xbox 360 upside down and remove the screws. Gently lift off the case. Unscrew the six circled screw beneath the case, and swap it out.

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