How to Gain Reputation with the Keepers of Time in World of Warcraft


The Keepers of Time are exclusively located in the Cavers of Time, found in Tanaris. They have some fun quests to run in some interesting instances, as well as some extremely powerful gear and superior crafting patterns. Fortunately, gaining reputation with them is quite simple, if not time consuming.

  • Go visit. Head to Gadgetzan, then ride south. There are some ruins and a large Dragon outside the Cavers, so you can't miss it. DO NOT attack the Dragons! You will loose faction rep if you do!

  • Take their quests. They don't have very many, and most of them are centered around running two of their instances: Durnholde Keep (Old Hillsbrad) and Black Morass (the Dark Portal).

  • Complete Durnholde Keep. Not only is there some cool loot to be had here, but the instance is a bit of a challenge. Make sure you're REALLY ready to go before you let Thrall out of his prison, he doesn't stop for anything! You must be level 68 to zone in, but being 70 helps.

  • Grind Black Morass. This instance is a 45-minute endurance fight. You are attempting to stop a bunch of dragons and dragonkin from interrupting Medivh as he opens the Dark Portal to bring the Orcs to Azeroth. You get some down time in between boss fights, but this is still a challenging instance. Make sure you've gotten some high-level gear from Shadow Labryinth and Steamvaults before you come here! Grinding Black Morass, although it takes more time (depending on the group) yields about 200 more reputation than Old Hillsbrad, and will always yield better loot.

  • Head for Mount Hyjal! The last (for now anyway) instance in the Cavers of Time, Mount Hyjal requires you to defeat both Prince Kael'Thas and Lady Vashj which can be found in Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavers respectively.

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