How to Build a Pyramid


How to Build a Pyramid. The pyramids at Giza are still the subject of historians today. Nobody has figured out how the Egyptians managed to build the world wonders. With every year that goes by, more theories are suggested.

Build a Full-Scale Egyptian Pyramid

  • Find a massive supply of cheap labor. The number of people required for this kind of job is immense. (King Khufu's pyramid took over 100,000 men to build.) You may need to enslave an entire people.

  • Produce stone blocks, an average weight of 2.5 tons each, at the nearest quarry. These stone blocks should have perfect 90 degree angles and flat surfaces.

  • Set up a convoy of boats or trucks from the building site to the source of the building materials. You will need a steady stream of stone blocks during construction.

  • Dig into the earth to make room for the pharaoh's burial tomb. You will want to make the tomb as elaborate as possible and filled to the brim with valuables of every kind.

  • Build the pyramid around and over the tomb. Complete each level of the pyramid before continuing. The engineers will need the four completed corners on each level to continue calculations.

  • Build a ramp at an 8-degree angle leading up to the level of the pyramid that is currently being constructed. When that level is completed, make the ramp longer and taller, so it can reach the next level.

  • Polish the exterior of the constructed pyramid. Some of the gaudier pharaohs even added some gold plating to their pyramids.

  • Deconstruct the ramp and remove all building evidence from the area. In a few thousand years, you do not want archaeologists knowing how you managed to accomplish this task.

Tips & Warnings

  • A pyramid is a structure with a square base and four equilateral, triangular sides connecting the base to a single point above. If you cannot find the resources for a full-scale Egyptian pyramid, try making a simple pyramid shape out of paper or clay.
  • Instead of one giant ramp, consider building a corkscrewing ramp around the sides of the pyramid. This will not require any extra stone because you will be using negative space in the pyramid's shape that will be filled in afterwards.
  • Instead of exterior ramps, build inclines inside the pyramid that the laborers can use to transport the stones to the top. This way, engineers will have a solid, smooth exterior to base their calculations on during the construction.

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