How to Organize a Volleyball Practice


Players will only improve their game if you organize an effective volleyball practice. Volleyball coaches recommend that you combine stretching, cardiovascular training and sport-specific drills into each practice. Here are details on how to organize a volleyball practice.

Things You'll Need

  • Team
  • Volleyballs
  • Court

Begin Practice With a Warm-Up

  • Make it clear that players must arrive at practice on time, dressed and ready to begin.

  • Gather your team together and briefly explain how the practice will proceed.

  • Instruct the team to take a 10-minute jog around the gym or field. Because this will warm up muscles and get hearts pumping, it should be placed first when you organize practice.

Proceed to Stretching

  • Instruct players to stretch their arms with a hugging-style movement. Players should grasp each shoulder with the opposite hand and then widen their backs.

  • Schedule a set of lunges to stretch thigh muscles. Standing with feet together, ask players to step forward with one foot until the front knee is at a 90 degree angle.

  • Stretch calf muscles by having players slowly raise themselves up on their toes. They should retain control as they slowly lower their heels.

Serving Drills

  • Tie a rope about two feet above the net.

  • Line up your players to take turns serving.

  • Tell the team that the goal of this drill is to develop unarched, accurate serves.

  • Inform the team that each successful serve will earn them two points, while a miss will take one point away. A successful serve must travel between the rope and the net and land within the field of play.

  • Declare the first team member to earn 10 points the winner.

Passing Drill

  • Ask three players to lie face down on one side of the court.

  • Stand on the opposite side of the court.

  • Hit a volleyball to the other side, calling out the name of one of the three players as you serve. The player must jump up and set herself in time to return the ball to you.

Setting Drill

  • Tell the team that to practice setting, they will be returning serves with their heads. Good setting requires the setter's head to be directly beneath the ball, so this drill encourages proper form.

  • Serve to one player at a time. The receiving player should allow the ball to bounce once, then position himself under the ball so he can return it with his forehead.

Tips & Warnings

  • Time each stretch to last about 20 seconds.
  • Organize your drills in the following order to get the best results: serving, passing and setting. Follow with multi-task drills.

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