How to Get Stronger Back Muscles

Get Stronger Back Muscles
Get Stronger Back Muscles

How to Get Stronger Back Muscles. Strengthening the back is extremely important because you use your back muscles in most day-to-day activities. From walking and sitting to lifting groceries, your back muscles are incredibly important for getting you through each day.

Strengthen Your Upper Back Muscles

Perform an upright row using a cable machine or dumbbells. Start with your arms at your side and your hands grasping the weight. Slowly bring the weight up toward your chest, with your elbows moving out to the side.

Sit or stand and do a shoulder press. Using dumbbells or a cable machine, start with the weight at your shoulders and your palms facing forward. Press the weight up towards the ceiling and do not lock your elbows.

Use a cable machine and do a narrow pull-down. When doing a pull-down, grasp the bar, keeping your arms extended towards the ceiling and your hands just a few inches apart. Pull the bar down to your collarbone.

Strengthen Your Mid-Back Muscles

Use a cable machine and do a wide pull-down. Grasp the bar at opposite ends and have your arms extended towards the ceiling. Move the bar down to your collarbone.

Do pull-ups on a stable and secured handlebar.

Perform a seated row on a cable machine. Grab a cable with each hand and start with your arms fully extended in front of you. Pull back on the cables until your hands are at your side, just below your chest.

Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscles

Recline on the floor on your stomach.

Place your hands behind your head and slowly bring your upper torso up towards the ceiling.

Hold that position for a few seconds and then lower yourself back to the ground. This back extension can also be done on a bench or a balance ball.

Perform a dead lift with dumbbells. Stand with the weights hanging at your side and your feet hip-width apart. Keep your shoulders back and back straight and bend over forward like you're trying to touch your toes, but keep the knees slightly bent. Stop when you're at about a 80 degree angle and then go back up. Be sure to keep your back straight to avoid injury.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to keep your exercise motions slow and controlled, so that you target and isolate your back muscles.
  • Never use tremendous amounts of weight or resistance if you are just starting to exercise. Weak back muscles are susceptible to injury.

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