How to Show Team Spirit on a Car

You may think that the owner of that car with the pictures and slogans painted on the windows is a victim of a graffiti tagger. But he may simply be displaying his team spirit. Using a car as a canvas for team spirit art and messages is becoming a common sight. Provided you have a willing car owner and washable paint or markers, you might want to try it.

Things You'll Need

  • A car
  • Washable paints and markers
  • Student painters and adult supervisors
  1. Show Team Spirit on a Car

    • 1

      Limit this project to a maximum of 4 people and one supervisor per car: cheerleaders, booster club members or a combination, plus a teacher, coach or parent.

    • 2

      Obtain permission from one to three car owners to paint their cars for a team spirit project.

    • 3

      Buy or have participants buy bottles of washable craft paint and brushes or washable markers in bright colors.

    • 4

      Plan in advance what pictures and slogans participants will paint on the cars. You may wish to draw and write on a piece of paper first to show others and organize what you are going to do.

    • 5

      Park the cars in an empty parking lot. A large expanse of grass will also work.

    • 6

      Test the paint or markers on the surface of each car before you begin. Make a small mark on the edge of one window and on the bottom of one door. Let it dry and hose it off to make sure it is removable.

    • 7

      Begin painting the things you planned on the car windows and body. Make the words and artwork large so that they will show up at a long distance. Let the paint or marker dry.

    • 8

      Park the cars at the main entrance to the field or stadium so that everyone can see them as they go in. At some point in the game or rally, drive the cars onto the field, circle once or twice and park on the field.

    • 9

      Have the cheerleaders perform one or two very athletic cheers on and around the cars.

    • 10

      Drive the cars out to the parking lot and hose them off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do this project a few hours before a game or an outdoor rally.
  • Make sure the surface of the car is cleaned and waxed to be sure that the paint won't stick.
  • If the cars belong to parents, teachers or other adults, a thank-you note might be in order. They took a big risk to help you.
  • Check and double check to be sure that you have the right kind of paint and that it will not permanently damage the cars.
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