How to Longboard/Skateboard


Have you been itching to learn how to skate? Have you been trying but failing miserably (Trust me, I've been there)? Well, here's your article. After you read this and follow the steps, not to mention practice, you'll be ready to start hitting the streets (Unless your really bad).

Things You'll Need

  • Skateboard
  • Helmet
  • Protection (You'll need when you first start, you're gonna get hurt if you don't)
  • Grass
  • Ok, now make sure you have grass, or something thick and soft so you can practice without getting hurt. Now put your board on the surface you chose (Prefferably grass)

  • Now, put it on the grass (You don't need protection just yet). Try standing two ways. The first is with your right foot forward, and your left foot back. This stance is called Goofy footed, and it's the way I stand (Just because I do, it doesn't mean that way is best for you). The other way is the opposite of Goofy, and it's called Regular. This stance is done with your left foot forward and your right foot back.

  • So to decide which stance is more comfortable for you. Your gonna try both stances, Goofy and Regular. See which one is least akward for you. To do this, put either your left foot or right foot forward. With your back foot (For Goofy footed its your left and for Regular its right), make a pushing motion on the ground. When you do that, you should be able to decide which stance is best for you.

  • Now for the real thing. Put on your protection so you don't kill yourself. You'll probably be shaky and feel akward at first on concrete, but you'll have to get over it. Don't start trying to push off just yet. Just get used to being on a hard, unforgiving surface like this. Once you feel somewhat comfortable, it's time to try and move. With your back foot, do that pushing motion you tried earlier on the grass. Do it lightly, you don't want to go too fast. This should be self explanatory, but then you take the back foot that you just pushed off with back onto the board. You will most likely fall while trying this for a while, but practice makes perfect. And if your longboarding, it's the same exact process to learn as you would on a normal skateboard. I can't tell you how to do tricks, cause well, I don't know how. I'm just a longboarder. For more advanced techniques for skating or longboarding, try searching these things:


    • How to carve
    • How to pump
    • How to slide


    • How to Ollie (Jump)
    • How to Kickflip
    • How to Impossible (Good luck with that trick)

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't give up on it. It takes a while to learn. After you do, all thos cuts and bruises will be worth it.
  • Wear protection while doing this (Elbowpads, Kneepads, a Helmet)
  • Wear long clothes (Pants, sweatshirt) to maximize protection.
  • If you're not very good, you may break a bone- excersize extreme caution while doing this.
  • Whenver skateboarding, experienced or not, always wear a helmet. You don't want a concussion.

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