How to Play Spider Solitaire


Playing and beating Spider Solitaire can be easy whether you play with 1 suit, 2 suits and even 4 suits of cards.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with the Spider Solitaire game installed

Play Easy Mode First

  • Open Spider Solitaire by clicking the program's icon.

  • Click "Easy: One Suit" and then click "OK" in the box.

  • Click and drag 1 card of a lower value to rest on a card with a higher value. For example, drag the 5 of Spades to rest under the 6 of Spades.

  • Line cards up in descending order until you create a King through Ace line which will automatically move to the bottom of the window or you cannot move any cards.

  • Click the spider cards on the bottom right corner of the window to add 1 new row of cards on top of the cards in play. You must have at least 1 card in each space in play to add new cards to use.

  • Win the game when all of the cards line up properly and move to the bottom left corner of the Spider Solitaire window.

Beat Harder Spider Solitaire Modes

  • Open Spider Solitaire and click "Medium: 2 Suits" or "Difficult: 4 Suits" and then click "OK."

  • Look for matching suits with cards in descending order and move cards accordingly. For example, place the 9 of Hearts under the 10 of Hearts and place this column under the Jack of Hearts.

  • Line up cards in descending order with differing suits, moving higher cards first. For example, drag the 8 of Hearts to the 9 of Clubs.

  • Add another row of cards from the deck when you cannot make another move and repeat Steps 2 and 3.

  • Use a cleared space(s) in play to sort through other card columns to place matching suits in the same column.

  • Remember that creating a complete column of 1 suit moves cards to the bottom of the window and you cannot undo cards sent to the bottom.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check cards before making a final play by using the "Control + Z" buttons on your computer to undo your last card move.
  • Click the box at the bottom of the window containing the score to get a hint for a possible card move.
  • Remember the Ace of any suit is placed on top of the 2.
  • Kings only move to open spaces, so move them at the most opportune time.
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