How to Plan a Podcast for your Class Lecture


Some people learn best from reading, some from visualizing, some from hands-on activities, so as a teacher or professor, it's very helpful to give students various types of tools to help them soak in the information. In a lecture-intensive class, podcasting the lectures can be a very helpful way for students to review the information and/or catch up with the lectures that they might have missed.

Things You'll Need

  • a lecture
  • computer
  • digital recorder
  • microphone (optional)
  • audio recording/editing software
  • Decide how you want to organize these podcasts. The most straightforward way would be to have one podcast episode per class, or per lecture, but perhaps you want to separate it into subject matter or other.

  • Record the lecture. Think about where to place your tape recorder. Put it close by so it picks up the professor's voice even if he or she is walking around. If it's a big lecture hall, it might be useful to use a microphone anyway.

  • Convert it into an mp3 file, if it doesn't automatically do so. When you get to the Save As box, choose .mp3, or Export it as an mp3 file.

  • Edit it, using software, if you choose. You can also keep it simple by just uploading the mp3 files onto a server and streaming them as is. The benefit of editing is that you can add chapters, pictures, and links to go along with the podcast. This is definitely helpful to the student as they are studying, especially if the lecture itself had visual accompaniments.

  • Upload the completed podcast episode onto a web server.

  • Create a website, or place the link onto your existing website. Write a description of the particular lecture, so students know what it is.

Tips & Warnings

  • It's important to have good equipment if you want your sound to be clear and crisp. A digital recorder would be simplest, so you can upload the mp3 file onto the computer afterwards.
  • You can create text slides using Keynote, and then upload them as artwork accompanying your particular podcast episode (or episode chapters). This is helpful for a lecture that can be organized into an outline with bullet points. You can use Keynote to make a slide with bullets, and when it's finished, drag it into the podcast track, and students can use this visual to follow along.
  • Test your mp3 file to see that it works and that the material on it is satisfactory before you post it.
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