How to Get the Maintenance Tunnel Key in "Dead Rising"


As you make your way through the Willamette Parkview Mall in "Dead Rising," you'll rapidly discover that getting from case to case can be as difficult as finishing the cases themselves. Moving from one of the mall's plazas to another means dodging or battling your way through an environment swarming with zombies. There is a way to get around at least some of these obstructions, though -- locate a spare key to the mall's maintenance tunnels and use them instead.

  • Head to the Leisure Park. Near the northwest corner of the park, between Wonderland Plaza and North Plaza, is an entrance to the parking garage. Go into the entrance and down into the parking garage. You'll find a variety of vehicles here.

  • Look for the entrance to the maintenance tunnels. It's a two-lane ramp leading downward. Take a car from the parking lot to make your journey easier; the tunnels are swarming with zombies.

  • Drive into the maintenance tunnel entrance. A new area will load when you do so. If this is your first time in the tunnels, Otis will call you to tell you about the key, although he won't give you any useful information about where it is. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right and proceed along the tunnel.

  • Take the first left and drive a short distance down the tunnel. You'll see a chance to turn right; go ahead and do so. This tunnel dead-ends quickly, but there's a door at the end of it.

  • Leave the car and run through the door on foot. This is the entrance to the maintenance warehouse. Shut the door quickly behind you to prevent zombies from following you.

  • Run to the corner of the room that is on the far right side when you enter. In the corner, next to the blue tarpaulin, you'll find the Maintenance Tunnel Key.

  • Cross over to the left corner of the room, furthest from the door. You'll find a sub-machine gun next to the barrels. This will come in handy for fending off the zombies when you return to your car in the maintenance tunnels.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to level up quickly, mowing down zombies in your car in the maintenance tunnels can earn you a lot of points. You can find a handy replacement vehicle by turning left at the entrance to the tunnels and following them around to the right.
  • Don't rely on your in-game map during this journey. The warehouse doesn't appear on it.

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