How to Play the Drinking Game Tippy Cup Challenge


How to Play the Drinking Game Tippy Cup Challenge. If you haven't been to college yet, you might not quite know how to play the drinking game Tippy Cup Challenge. Most frat houses and college parties have a weekend course on this game, but if you'd rather do a little preliminary studying, read on to enroll in Tippy Cup Challenge 101.

Things You'll Need

  • Beer
  • Cups

Play the Drinking Game Tippy Cup Challenge

  • Split into two teams. Each team should have two or more people. Sit down at a table facing the other team.

  • Place a drink in front of each team member. Use plastic cups and put an equal amount of liquid in each one. (Beer is the preferred drink.)

  • Have someone count down to begin the challenge. When they say go, the teams begin starting at one end of the table and take turns moving their way down.

  • Chug your drink. When it's your turn, chug your drink. You can't start until the person before you has completed their turn.

  • Set your cup on the edge of the table right side up. Set it so it hangs over the edge a bit, but does not fall off the table.

  • Hit the bottom of the cup with one hand. Use only one hand and try to flip the cup over so it lands upside down on the table. If you fail, set it up and try again.

  • Move on to the next teammate. When you flip your cup successfully, the next person down the line chugs and tries to flip.

  • Flip all of the cups on your team to win.

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