How to Conquer Final Fantasy X the Easy Way: Wendigo, Change of Scenery


Get geared up because the Guado won't let you escape Macalania Temple so easily. What, you thought you could just walk away? Guess again! Here's how to conquer Final Fantasy X the easy way against the Guado at Macalania Temple:

Things You'll Need

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Equip any +Defense gear you've got. The boss is extremely powerful.

  • Keep Yuna handy. You'll need her!

  • Eliminate the Guado. Not only do they still Auto-Potion themselves, but they also Auto-Potion the Wendigo.

  • Have Yuna use Life to revive knocked out characters. She'll be doing a lot of it, and it'll save you Phoenix Downs.

  • Cast Protect on anyone you intend to keep in the fight for more than 1 round. The Wendigo hits hard enough to kill anyone in a single shot, so do everything you can to prevent that. Reflex helps, too.

  • Defend, cure or buff your party members when the Wendigo puts up his dukes. Whatever you do, DO NOT attack it when it puts up its dukes.

  • Grand Summon a couple Aeons if you're having trouble. By this point, a pair of Aeon overdrives should finish the Wendigo. Or, if you've been good and came prepared, this should end the fight right when it starts.

  • Remember to talk to your favorite girl first when the fight is over.

  • Get ready for a chance at scenery: Don't forget to grab the treasure chest before you go.

  • Be cool: You won't be fighting with just Tidus for very long. Auron and Lulu will show up before the fight with the Zu is over. Power break works well, although the Zu is not vulnerable to any particular magical element, so use whichever you like. Reflex helps. (Notice that whenever a fiend hits like a ton of bricks, that it's usually pretty slow?)

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