How to Find the Legendary Weapons in "Fable"


They say your "Fable" character is a hero, so he or she should grab a legendary weapon that proves it. In all, your character can gather 13 legendary weapons, most of which are locked away behind Demon Doors and Silver Chests. Others have less demanding requirements, however, and can be obtained early in the game.

Gathering Silver Keys

  • Of the 13, four legendary weapons hide inside Silver Chests. Each of these will need at least 15 keys to open, or a grand total of 65 keys for the completionist. Arken's Crossbow waits in Darkwood Lake, Katana Hiryu is inside Lady Grey's Bowerstone Manor bedroom, Murren Greataxe is at the peak of the Hook Coast Lighthouse and Murren Greathammer sits in a 20-key chest inside the Heroes' Guild. If you're short on keys, keep looking around Albion where they hide (see Resources).

Domesticating Demon Doors

  • Four other legendary weapons wait behind Demon Doors found throughout Albion. Cutlass Bluetane requires having a 14x combat multiplier standing outside the Greatwood Caves Demon Door; Wellow's Picklehammer waits on the other side of the Greatwood Gorge Demon Door, which opens when you have completely Evil morality; Dollmaster's Mace appears when you wear the three outfits the Abandoned Road Demon Door requests; and Ronok the Axe is only available behind the Grey House Demon Door if you marry Lady Grey. You can still divorce her later and retain access to the Demon Door, but you must choose to marry her to get the weapon.

Temple of Avo

  • The Temple of Avo holds two legendary weapons inside: the Harbinger and the Sentinus. Try pulling the Harbinger out of the stone without maximum stats and you'll fail, but coming back once you've upgraded your character a certain number of times will reward you with the sword (see Resources). Unlike the Picklehammer, the Sentinus goes to those who show kindness in their hearts. Ironically, the amount of gold you must donate depends on your morality; if you're more Good than Evil, you'll pay more. Consider getting this weapon after the Picklehammer and Skorm's Bow; you'll pay less with your Evil morality.

Other Legendary Weapons

  • The last three weapons -- Skorm's Bow, Solus Greatsword and the Sword of Aeons -- each have different acquisition methods. In the Chapel of Skorm, you'll need to keep sacrificing followers until you can offer something worth high amounts of Evil points, rewarding you with the bow. Solus Greatsword, found in Bowerstone North, costs about 77,000 gold: a costly weapon, but one without prerequisites. Finally, the Sword of Aeons appears in the Chamber of Fate, where you'll need to defeat the Jack of Blades to earn the reward.


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