How to find the Legendary Weapons in Fable

The world of Albion is filled with weapons of tremendous power just waiting to be found by an industrious hero. Because of their power, they are quite difficult to find and even harder to get at.


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      Wellow's Pickhammer. This will probably be the first legendary weapon you find. It waits for you in the Greatwood Gorge Demon Door. He'll ask you to do some great evil to get him to open. Just chomp down a bunch of Crunchy Chicks (7+) and he'll open. The weapon is in a chest at the far side of the grove.

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      Cutlass Bluetane. This is behind a Demon Door in Greatwood Caves, right in front of the Hobbe Cave. To open the door, you will have to show it a combat modifier of 14 or better, part of the Fable challenge. The easiest way to do this is to run into the Hobbe Cave, run down to the bottom of the first tunnel and fight your way forward. Run back out and defeat the other Hobbes, then immediately talk to the door.

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      Ronok the Axe. This one is pretty easy to get. The demon door below the Grey House (next to Barrow Fields) wants you to have a wife, Lady Grey. Marry her, come back and talk to the door to claim the axe.

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      Katana Hiryu. Another side effect of marrying Lady Grey in Fable is access to her bedchamber. In a chest in the back, you will find this sword! You will need 15 Silver Keys.

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      Dollmaster's Mace. Found behind the demon door on the Abandoned Road, near Twinblade's camp, this weapon is a bit tricky. The door wants to see some of his old friends: a knight in shining armor, an evil wizard, and a mischievous bandit. This means you need the full suits of bright platemail, dark-will user and bandit gear. Put them on in that order and talk to the door.

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      Arken's Crossbow. This is the best crossbow in the game, and can be claimed at Darkwood Lake with 15 Silvery Keys.

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      Skorm's Bow. The most powerful bow in Fable, you must be willing to commit a great act of evil to earn it. Go to Oakvale and the Temple of Avo, hire the mercenaries and bring them to the Temple of Skorm. Wait until midnight, then take them inside and sacrifice them.

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      The Sentinus. This is easy to get if you just got Skorm's Bow. Head to the Temple of Avo and donate a large sum of gold (several thousand). It is easier to do if you are very evil. Apparently Avo has a thing for redeeming the wicked in Fable.

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      The Murren Greataxe. Bring 15 Silver Keys to the top of the lighthouse in Hook Coast.

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      The Murren Greathammer. Remember the 20-key chest in the Heroe's Guild you always wished you could open? Bring 20 Silver Keys, open the chest, and you'll find an awesome hammer!

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      The Solus Greatsword. One of the two most powerful swords in Fable, this one can simply be purchased from the merchant in Bowerstone North. The downside: bring 70,000 gold.

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      The Harbinger. The proverbial "Sword in the Stone," this is actually one of the harder swords to get since it requires a tremendous feat of strength. The easy way: max out all your Strength skills. This can be done by using Physical Shield, going to the Grey House, chopping undead again and again, then eating huge amounts of Red Meat when your combat multiplier is really high. Takes a while, but it is the quickest way.

    • 13

      The Sword of Aeons. The most powerful sword in Fable. Awesome augmentations, frightening damage, and it's one handed! The minus: you must commit a truly atrocious act to get it, and be prepared to live with the consequences.

Tips & Warnings

  • Skorm's Bow.You may have to do the sacrifices a couple of times to get the time right, but if you sacrifice good people at the right time, you will be rewarded with the bow and lots of evil points. Be prepared to give to a charity after this.
  • The only way to get the Sword of Aeons is to murder a family member rather than throw the sword into the vortex at the very end. Once this is done, LET THE CREDITS ROLL! DO NOT SKIP THEM! If you skip through the credits, the game simply ends and you will not be able to play your character again. If you let them run (takes 15-20 minutes) you can continue playing and save your game afterwards.
  • Once you throw the sword into the vortex, IT IS GONE FOREVER! There is NO WAY to recover it, except for reloading a game you had saved before you tossed it in.
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