How to Hit a Backhand Serve in Badminton

The backhand serve is good, safe serve, and is used most often in doubles.

Things You'll Need

  • Badminton Set


    • 1

      Stand close to the service line, with your racquet foot forward and your feet about shoulder width apart.

    • 2

      Hold the shuttle several inches below your waist, pinching the feathers between your thumb and forefinger.

    • 3

      Choke your grip up the racket a little to make this serve easier.

    • 4

      Hold the elbow of your racquet arm up at shoulder level, with your racquet head down almost against your opposite thigh, behind the shuttle.

    • 5

      Drop the shuttle.

    • 6

      Push forward with your forearm and hyper-extend your wrist just slightly, striking the shuttle below your waist with an open racket face.

    • 7

      Hit the shuttle on a low flat trajectory, just high enough to clear the net, and just hard enough to land in your opponent's service court. Try to hit the shuttle short, and to your opponent's backhand.

    • 8

      Follow through just a few inches and quickly recover to your ready position.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure the racquet head is lower than your racquet hand, for it to be a legal serve. You must also strike the shuttle below your waist.
  • Work on a light touch for this serve, so your opponent has to catch it low on her side of the net.
  • Remember that the serve can legally touch the net on its way over. The lower the better.
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