How to Backhand Swing in Badminton

Use the backhand swing for all badminton shots on the nonracket side of your body. Practice hitting your backhand as well as your forehand for a balanced game.

Things You'll Need

  • Badminton Set


    • 1

      Notice the shuttlecock coming to your backhand side (your nonracket side) from your ready position.

    • 2

      Pivot on your left foot and step your right foot around in front of your body, so your right shoulder is facing the net (left-handed players should reverse this step).

    • 3

      Bend your elbow to draw your right hand across your body, almost to your opposite shoulder, for your backswing. This motion will cause your body to coil up slightly.

    • 4

      Shift your weight to your back foot.

    • 5

      Uncoil your body and shift your weight to your forward foot.

    • 6

      Straighten your elbow as you swing.

    • 7

      Snap your wrist forward as your racket face connects with the shuttle, powering through the shot.

    • 8

      Follow through, allowing your wrist to relax and your palm to face upward.

Tips & Warnings

  • Backhand shots are most often defensive shots, and generally should be hit high and deep.
  • Practice to make your backhand as strong as your forehand. Otherwise, your opponents will capitalize on your weak side.
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