How Do People Repost on Craigslist Automatically?


Posting classified ads to Craigslist puts your goods and services in front of thousands of local buyers. Craigslist includes an ad-renewal feature that requires logging in to your account and manually renewing an ad. This option becomes available 48 hours after the ad's previous posting or renewal. Manually moving your ads to the top of the page takes time, but ad-renewing software automates this task. Since Craigslist may cancel ads posted too quickly in succession, this software waits a specified amount of time before renewing an ad.

  • Automate your Craigslist posts by installing auto-renewal software, such as CL Auto Renew, Auto Ad Renew or CLAD Genius (see Resources for links). These programs speed up your workflow by focusing on one task: renewing Craigslist ads. The software is desktop-based and connects to your Craigslist account over the Internet.

  • Sign in to Craigslist by adding one or more accounts to your auto-renewal software. CL Auto Renew can sign in to several accounts simultaneously, while Auto Ad Renew and CLAD Genius only work with one account at a time. In CL Auto Renew, enter your sign-in details and click “Add.” In the other programs, enter your details and click “Log In.” Your user details are saved, and you don't need to enter them again the next time you use the program.

  • Choose a time interval to wait between each ad's renewal. In CL Auto Renew, select an account from the Available Accounts menu and then enter a number in the Renewal Interval field. The amount you enter is the number of seconds between postings, so a large number such as 60 or 120 may work best. In the other programs, the interval unit is minutes, so choose a smaller number, such as one or two.

  • Filter your ad renewals by keyword. This feature enables you to renew ads in certain categories while skipping other ads. CL Auto Renew includes this feature, but Auto Ad Renew and CLAD Genius do not. In CL Auto Renew, enable the “Renewal by Keywords” option, type a keyword in the text field and click “Add.” With this option enabled, CL Auto Renew automatically searches for matching, renewable ads in your active listings when you start the renewal process.

  • Renew ads posted during a certain time period by enabling the “Renewal by Search Date” option in CL Auto Renew. While Auto Ad Renew and CLAD Genius don't include this option, the program can organize your Craigslist account by grouping certain ads together. When you renew ads posted during a specific time period, you can renew them the next time by choosing the date of the last renewal.

  • Start the renewal process by clicking “Start” or a similar option. Your Craigslist account page is displayed in the application window, and you see your ads being renewed in real time. Since this software automates a task you don't have time for, click “Minimize” to collapse the window and run the process in the background while you attend to other tasks.

Tips & Warnings

  • While you can renew listings every 48 hours, these ads have an overall lifespan of 30 days. When this time period is over, you must create a new listing to raise your ad to the top of the Craigslist search results.

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