How to Make Admin a Co-Owner on Your "Minecraft" Server


Upgrading an operator on your Minecraft server should never be taken lightly. Administrators have considerable powers compared to operators, and these powers can be abused. While operators fill the role of server moderators and low-level administrators, becoming an administrator is as close as a Minecraft user can become to a co-owner. The process for upgrading an operator is very easy, requiring only access to the computer hosting the server.

  • Open the operators list text file in the folder containing your Minecraft server's files. It's marked "ops.txt" (without quotes).

  • Locate the Minecraft username of the operator you wish to promote to administrator.

  • Cut the name from the list by highlighting it and pressing "Ctrl-X."

  • Save and close the operators list, and then open the administrator list. It's marked as "admin.txt" without quotes.

  • Paste the name into the admin list by starting a new line beneath your own Minecraft user name or the username at the bottom of the list and pressing "Ctrl-V."

  • Save and close the administrator list. When your new administrator signs into your Minecraft server, she will have full administrator privileges.

Tips & Warnings

  • Outside of promotion to administrator, the only way to effectively grant co-ownership of a Minecraft server is to allow the other user direct or remote access to the computer on which the server is hosted. With access to the computer's files, they can augment the administrator and operator lists and the server configuration files, a task only to be trusted with the server's owners.
  • Later versions of the Minecraft server program may not feature an administrator list. If this is the case, you will only be able to upgrade them to operator status using the game's graphic user interface, with the in-game command "op <username>" with no quotes and the desired username not enclosed in brackets.
  • Be very careful when selecting an administrator or co-owner, especially if you will be giving them remote or direct access to the server's host computer. Administrator powers are very broad. Direct access to the server's files grants them even further reaching powers -- including the power to remove your own control of the server or implement changes you don't approve of without your consent.

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