How to Make a Cheap Easter Basket With Baked Goods


Making your own Easter basket is a creative way to cut costs. However, you still have to find something with which to fill the basket. This is where baked goods come into play. Baking your own treats can be less expensive than buying candy, and it adds a personal touch to your basket. The key to filling a basket with baked goods is to use foods that stack and present well. For example, sturdy cookies keep better in the basket than crumbly pastries.

Things You'll Need

  • Flower-shaped cookie cutter
  • Plastic flower stems
  • Clear tape
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Green shredded paper
  • Green foam
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Flower Cookies

  • Use plastic flower stems from a craft store to turn wrapped cookies into flowers. Use clear tape to secure the back of the plastic-wrapped cookie to the stem.

  • Slide the stem into the basket so the cookie sticks out like a flower. Arrange several of the flower cookies along the back edge of the basket.

  • Fill the basket with shredded green paper and other baked goods to hold the stems in place. Alternately, you can glue a piece of foam to the bottom of the basket and stick the stems in the foam to secure.

Assembling the Basket

  • Estimate how many baked goods you need to fill the basket. Envision the size of each good and how it can be stacked before determining the final number. Bake a variety of goods, such as flower-shaped sugar cookies with bright sprinkles, egg-shaped raisin buns with light icing, and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Let them cool completely.

  • Place a baked good on the plastic wrap. Estimate how much wrap you need to cover the good plus 6 inches. Cut a large square to the estimated size. Cut a medium length of ribbon. Place the baked good in the middle of the square of plastic wrap. Pull the sides of the wrap up and over the top of the baked good, pinching the wrap together about 2 inches above the top of the good. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the pinched area, and tie in a bow to create a decorative bag. Repeat the process for each baked good.

  • Fill the empty basket half full with shredded paper. Place wrapped baked goods in the basket, fitting the items snugly without crushing anything. Place the largest and tallest items toward the back of the basket, and the smaller and shorter items toward the front. Stuff any open areas with more shredded paper so the basket looks full.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can provide larger baked goods in your basket, such as strawberry pound cake or chocolate-chip mega muffins. Just make sure to place the larger and sturdier items at the bottom of the basket, and place more delicate items on top.
  • Don’t wrap warm baked goods in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap traps the moisture being released as the item cools and makes the item soggy.
  • Never stack baked goods on top of anything with frosting. This will smash the frosting into the plastic wrap. Instead, place unfrosted items on the bottom of the basket and top with frosted items.
  • Don’t waste money on fancy fabric ribbon for the Easter basket. Use mismatched ribbon or yarn pieces you have lying around for a colorful look, or buy cheap paper ribbon in pastel colors for a spring look.

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