How to Get Angel Wings on First Night on "Terraria" for PC


The Angel Wings is a special item that enables your character to fly in the game "Terraria." In order to craft the wings you must first collect the three main components. Two of the three components are only dropped by enemies that spawn once one of the main bosses in the game is defeated. The anvil that is required to craft the wings can also only be created using materials and items that are available once the boss is dead and the game switches to Hard Mode.

  • Find and kill 10 harpies and collect the feathers that they drop. Harpies are found on the upper reaches of the game world, so use dirt blocks to build stairs until you are able to reach these creatures.

  • Use a pickaxe and dig down to the Underworld area in order to find the voodoo demon creature. The Underworld is the deepest area of the game with a background pattern that looks like rocks filled with lava.

  • Kill the voodoo demon and collect the Guide Voodoo Doll that it drops.

  • Move over to one of the many pools of lava found in the Underworld area and drop the voodoo doll in to the lava to summon the Wall of Flesh monster.

  • Kill the Wall of Flesh and pick up the Dangerous Pwnhammer item that it drops. Killing the Wall of Flesh also activates the Hard Mode for the game, which spawns tougher enemies, new areas and new items.

  • Search the Underworld for a demon altar and destroy it with the Pwnhammer. Demon altars look like brownish blocks with fangs protruding from the top and are scattered randomly throughout the Underworld. These altars can also be found in the chasms that appear in the new corrupted areas of the game. Once you destroy a demon altar, a new type of ore called mythril is spawned throughout the world.

  • Use a cobalt drill to mine 40 chunks of mythril ore. Stand in front of a furnace and press "Esc" to open your inventory. Click "Mythril Bars" in the crafting section of your inventory 10 times to craft 10 of these bars.

  • Stand in front of an iron anvil and open your inventory. Click "Mytrhil Anvil" from the craft section of your inventory to create this item using the 10 mythril bars.

  • Kill any of the enemies such as the illuminant slime, illuminant bat, spectral elemental, enchanted sword or chaos elemental that spawned after you defeated the Wall of Flesh and collect 30 of the soul of light items that they drop.

  • Kill the wyvern enemy and collect 25 souls of flight. Each wyvern drops five to 10 souls and can be found at the same altitude as the harpies that you killed earlier. Wyverns only spawn after you have killed the Wall of Flesh.

  • Open your inventory and place the mythril anvil on the ground once you have collected the souls of light and souls of flight.

  • Stand in front of the mythril anvil and select "Angel Wings" from the crafting menu. Provided you have the 10 feathers, 25 souls of flight and 30 souls of light you will be able to craft the wings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Due to the random nature of the game and lack of in-game map it can be hard to locate certain areas or items. Use a free mapping program such as MoreTerra or Terrafirma (links in Resources) to aid you in locating the items that you seek.

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