Easy Ways to Transfer a Hard Drive to Another PS3


All PlayStation 3 models feature easy-access hard drive bays and data transfer tools to make moving a hard drive or its contents from one system to another a streamlined process. However, only the data on the hard drive or the drive itself can be transferred at any given time. Transferring the drive is a multi-step process; both drives must be removed from both systems and the transfer drive must be installed in the other system.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screw driver

How to Transfer Hard Drive Contents between PS3s

  • Run System Update on both systems.

  • Connect both PS3s to each other with one end of the same Ethernet cable in each system's Ethernet port.

  • Turn on both systems at the same time. You can use a single TV by removing and reconnecting the cables from system to system or connecting each system to a different video port.

  • On the system with the data you want to move, select “Settings,” “System Settings,” “Data Transfer Utility” and then "Transfer data from this system to the other PS3 system."

  • Switch to the receiving PS3 and select “Settings,” “System Settings,” “Data Transfer Utility” and then "Transfer data from the other PS3 system to this system," then wait for the transfer to finish.

How to Remove a Hard Drive from a PS3

  • Turn off the system and disconnect the power cable.

  • Open the hard drive bay port. Fat models have it on the left side and it can be pried open. Slim models have it underneath the optical drive and it can be removed by taking out the holding screw underneath the plastic nub and sliding off the cover. Super Slim models have it on the right side and the side-panel can be slid off.

  • Remove any visible screws from the hard drive dock and pull the drive out from the system. Slim models don't have a screw and instead have a handle to pull on.

  • Remove all screws from the dock and slide out the hard drive.

How to Install Hard Drive into a PS3

  • Remove the existing hard drive if you haven't already.

  • Slide the new hard drive into the dock and the four place-holding side screws.

  • Slide the hard drive into the PS3 system's open hard drive bay until it won't go in farther.

  • Insert the locking screw to secure the drive dock to the system on the Fat and Super Slim models.

  • Slide the hard drive bay cover back on to the system. Fat and Super Slim models will have it snap and lock into place.

  • Insert the locking screw on the bottom of slim models to secure the hard drive in place and return the plastic nub cover to cover the hole.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are three PS3 model types, commonly known as Fat, Slim, and Super Slim.
  • PS3 systems encrypt the hard drive to work on just one system. If you move a hard drive from one PS3 and put it in another it will erase all contents of the hard drive.

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