How to Get Through the Theater in "Real Heroes: Firefighter" for the Wii


"Real Heroes: Firefighter" for the Nintendo Wii provides all the thrills and excitement of fighting infernos without any of the danger. Players must use the traditional firefighting tools like a water hose, an axe and a Halligan pry bar to navigate eight dangerous levels. On the second level, you need to battle flames inside a shopping plaza and survive a particularly challenging journey through a fire-ravaged movie theater.

  • Enter the theater. Turn right and proceed down the hall until you can grab the hose outside Theater 1. Carry the hose down the hall toward Theater 3.

  • Enter Theater 3.  Rescue the man in the center of the room trapped beneath the beam.

  • Head back towards Theater 1 until you find the door to the Projection Room on your right. Use the Halligan tool to bust through the door. Talk to the projectionist.

  • Turn right. Use the Halligan tool to enter the next room. Extinguish the fire. Collect the films. Carry the films to the vault, place the films inside and shut the door.

  • Follow the projectionist into Theater 2, fighting fires as you go. Move down the exit hallway and use the Halligan tool to enter Theater 1. Rescue the little girl.

  • Turn left down the next hallway. Use your axe to chop through the fallen beams to rescue the mother and her son. Carry the mother to the exit and hand her off to your fellow firefighter.

  • Return to Theater 1. Take the other hallway this time, on the other side of the theater, to find Evidence Token 2.

  • Take the hallway back to the theater lobby. Advance through towards the arcade to exit the theater and begin the next part of the shopping plaza level.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Halligan tool is a specially designed pry bar with a spike and a wedged blade at one end and a forked claw at the other. The tool may be used two different ways. If you encounter a door with a handle on the right, hold the "B" button and thrust straight forward to the door to attack with the forked claw before prying sideways. If you encounter a door with the handle on the left, hold the "B" button and swing the Wii remote in from the side to attack with the wedged blade before prying sideways.

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