How to Change DSI Camera Colors


The Nintendo DSi console offers two special effects lenses to color your photos: Color and Colorpad. The Color lens converts the scene to black and white and enables you to restore one color at a time by tapping the selected area on the lower screen. As an alternative, the Colorpad lens displays the normal colors until you tap an area you want to change. Repeatedly tapping the area cycles through the color spectrum, which helps you create a surreal color palette to engage your viewers’ attention.

Color Lens

  • Tap the "Nintendo DSi Camera Nintendo" icon on the menu and then tap "Camera" to preview your scene and display the row of 11 lens icons.

  • Tap the "Color" lens icon that displays the eyedropper, or tap one of the two arrow keys to cycle through the lenses until you come to the Color lens. The preview displays a black-and-white scene in a frame with the "Color" title. Tap "Start" to activate this lens. The frame disappears and a larger area displays with control buttons: "Quit," "Capture" and "Switch."

  • Tap an area on the screen to restore the correct color. For example, if a red book is in the scene, tap that area to restore the red color to the book and other red objects. The remaining area stays black and white.

  • Tap "Capture" to activate the shutter and save this photo file. The image displays in the top screen. Tap “Quit” to return to the menu with the 11 lens icons.

Colorpad Lens

  • Tap the "Nintendo DSi Camera Nintendo" icon and then select "Camera" to bring up the preview.

  • Select the "Colorpad" lens icon that displays an eyedropper and a curved arrow. Tap "Start" to activate this lens.

  • Tap the area where you want to change the color. Tap repeatedly to cycle through the spectrum. For example, tap an area that is normally blue and then keep tapping to change from blue to purple to magenta to red. Continue tapping other areas for which you want to change the color. To return to the original colors, tap "Restore."

  • Tap "Capture" to photograph this scene and display it in the upper screen. The photo saves to the Album. Tap "Quit" to return to the preview with the menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • Objects that are normally black and white will not change to a color.
  • Press the "Y" button to view in full screen. Press "Y" again to display the control buttons for "Restore," "Quit," "Capture" and "Switch."
  • To toggle the lens from the front to the back of your console and vice versa, tap "Switch" on the screen or press the "X" button to switch the scenes.
  • Beware of injuries related to prolonged video gaming. Take a break every 20 minutes.

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