How to Get the Last Relic on Flaming Tombs in "Dante's Inferno" Walkthrough


Flaming Tombs, located in the Heresy chapter of action-adventure title “Dante’s Inferno,” is a tough section of the game packed with enemies to fight and platforming puzzles to solve. It also holds a Seal of Epicurus relic, which needs to be picked up if you are planning to finish the game with every collectible item in your inventory. Snagging the relic requires a bit of backtracking and a little patience, but overall isn’t too complicated.

  • Defeat the enemies near the entrance of Flaming Tombs. Pull the lever to your right and you will find a hidden hallway -- proceed in this direction.

  • Climb up the left wall and head as far right as you can go. Leap up to the ledge and you will find a health and mana fountain along with a non-playable character with whom to interact. Go through the door on the ledge.

  • Drag the block on the left to the center of the room. Place it on the pressure plate and then shove it onto the back platform before it comes up.

  • Climb the block to the higher level and defeat the enemies that appear. Pull the lever in the room to get rid of the flames and go back through the hallway to the left. Avoid the lava and climb up to the far left of the room and proceed through the door.

  • Pick up the Judas Coin in the fountain located in the far back right of the room. Grab the block and drag it to the lever.

  • Place the block on the left side of the lever. Pull the lever to bring lava into the room; the lava will prop up a nearby cauldron. Use the block to keep the cauldron upright.

  • Backtrack all the way to the entrance of the Flaming Tombs. Proceed to the right toward the fountains this time instead of following the hidden hallway (the right path is not available until you fix the cauldron).

  • Climb the wall and make your way to the door. Stand on the moving platform until you can jump to the second platform; then jump from the second platform into a small alcove on the right.

  • Pick up the Seal of Epicurus relic and another Judas Coin.

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