How to Get Out of Amphitrite's Temple in "God of War"


In "God of War," Kratos must solve the Challenge of Poseidon to progress in the Temple of Pandora. Near the end of this challenge, you'll come to Amphitrite's Chamber, which is a large, water-filled room that appears to have no exit. Once you've collected the treasures from this room, you can escape through a secret tunnel that leads you back to the Rings of Pandora.

  • Enter Amphitrite's Chamber via the Flooded Passage in the Challenge of Poseidon area.

  • Get out of the water and defeat the minotaurs that attack you.

  • Pull the lever near the center of the platform. Several stone pillars will raise up out of the water, forming a bridge to the other side of the room.

  • Jump into the water instead of crossing the stone bridge.

  • Dive down and swim on the left side of the pillars. Look for a gap in the side of one of the pillars.

  • Swim into the gap before the timer runs out. If you wait too long, the puzzle will reset and the pillars sink back down into the water. If this happens, you'll need to pull the lever and try again.

  • Wait for the timer to run out once you're in the gap. The pillar goes back down and pushes you into a secret tunnel.

  • Swim through the tunnel and get out of the water when you reach the exit. You're back in the Rings of Pandora.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can get some treasures in Amphitrite's Chamber. When you pull the lever and the platforms raise out of the water, cross the bridge to get to the other side of the room. Open the chests to find experience orbs, phoenix feathers or gorgon eyes.
  • One of the muse keys is hidden in the Challenge of Poseidon. When you're climbing the cliffs that lead below the chains of Atlas, you'll come to a ledge that leads both left and right. Go right and follow the path to the end. Open the chest to get the muse key. When you have both muse keys, use them to open a door in the Rings of Pandora. Inside you get a permanent boost to your health and magic.

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